Monday, March 29, 2010

Sub-Mariner #4 (of 6, 2007 mini)

Sub-Mariner #4 - Comic of the DayThough Sub-Mariner #4 is very entertaining, Marko Djurdjevic's cover steals the show.

With Venom drawn very monstrously, his web-like symbiote restrains Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Venom's always exaggerated mouth is set to take a fatal bite out of the title hero as Venom's Tremors-like (sweet Kevin Bacon movie) tongue secures his prey. All Namor can do is stare into the abyss which is Venoms cavernous throat.

Djurdjevic captures the terror which Venom is supposed to convey in this modern classic comic book cover. Too often is Venom used as a campy villain. McFarlane intended for him to be terrorizing when he first broke on to the comic book landscape in Amazing Spider-Man: a fact Djurdjevic did not forget.

The comic of the day, Sub-Mariner #4 continues the search by Namor for his rogue splinter cell Atlantians who are terrorizing the surface world without Namor's consent. Namor is the ruler of Atlantis, and therefor responsible for what his kind does even when it is against his wishes. Such is the responsibility of a leader. Namor, as the cover suggests, tangles with Venom in Sub-Mariner #4. Entering this issue, Venom caught Namor by surprise and shot Namor with a gun designed to attack the oxygenated water in his body, thus rendering Namor less powerful. The Sub-Mariner is one of the strongest Marvel characters when at full strength, so even a strong and deadly Venom would have to weaken him to stand a chance in combat.

After Venom caught Namor off-guard Venom rips off a couple of Namor's wings on his ankles. Not only does this cause major pain it keeps the Atlantian from flying away. After too much talk by Venom (standard comic book villain narration) Namor regains strength and puts Venom down. There is an awesome set of panels where the Sub-Mariner decides to let Venom live but then rips his tongue out so the next time he is in battle with someone above his class he will not waste time with conversation. Namor leaves Venom in a pool of blood, originating from Venom's mouth, and a detached tongue to remember not to mess with the Sub-Mariner.

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