Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spider-Man #1

The popular comic book website,, is currently promoting a fun and interactive comic/photo game. People are asked to take a picture with their first comic book and send it to their Facebook or Twitter page for $10. Yep. They are going to give $10 to everyone who submits a quality picture. Plus, will post their favorite creative photo entries on a Monday post. Interactive ideas such as this one can really bring in new browsers to their site and also create more solid relationships with their regular browsers. What a great idea!

Spider-Man Sunday - Spider-Man #1

Naturally, I started to think about what my first book was and I came to the conclusion that it was too long ago to remember the first one. I was thinking it could possibly have been my 1989 Ninja Turtle comic or it could have been my 1990 Spider-Man #1. Though the Turtle book was published first I am not sure if it was. I seem to recall issues of Spider-Man early on. The first time my father took me to a comic shop in Willowick, Ohio (in an alley store in between larger stores) I was able to get a comic or two. I believe one was Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man #1. I distinctively remember the cover declaring that it was the first issue and a collector's item. If people asked me if I collected comics and I only had this one issue I would reply, "Yes. The book says it is a collector's item and I do own it. Therefor, I must be a collector." Socrates had nothing on me.

For a moment I thought I was buying the first ever issue of Spider-Man. Of course I learned that this wasn't the main title and eventually started occasionally getting Amazing Spider-Man comics, but at the time I was 7. I was 7 and owned the first appearance of Spider-Man.

I believe the issue I have still contains a pin size hole in the middle of it. Unless you look hard at the cover, you will miss it. When I was young, and had a small collection of comic books, I got into a fight with my older sister, Michelle. I must have ruined a toy of hers or something because I remember her being so mad she took a pin to my comic books. I had just purchased the first Spawn issue, so this was some time after Spider-Man #1, but it was in the same small pile of books that was terrorized one tragic day in Willowick, Ohio.

After I was released from juvenile hall for attempted murder of my sister, I tended to my comics by strapping them into new bags and boards (the type with no pin-holes) and hoped their wounds would heal. Unfortunately, like mine from that day of devastation, the comic of the day's wound still exists.


On a cheerful side note! They did print like a gazillion copies of Spider-Man #1, with multiple variations of covers. All the same art. Different colors. No holes.

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