Thursday, March 25, 2010

Secret Warriors #1

Secret Warriors #1 can best be summed up by the last line in it's introduction page:
"Nick Fury has returned...and he has a plan."
Nick Fury is the former Director of the international security organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D., Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage Logistics Directorate. He had gone into hiding several years ago for unknown reasons, but recently came out of hiding when he noticed the U.S. government and the world in general was going to shit and facing possible alien invasion. Fury is second to none when it comes to international secrets and intelligence. He has more street-cred than Fifty, has access to almost every high security agency, has more gadgets than the Inspector, can still throw down like he's playing craps and has the coolest eye-patch on the planet. He is motha fuck'n Nick Fury.

In Secret Warriors #1 Nick Fury sets in motion his "plans." Not even the reader can figure out Fury's plan of action when it comes to taking back his planet and setting world affairs in order. We meet his rag-tag team of low level super powered youngsters lead in the field by another former S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill. She is young, but has instincts and skills way beyond her years. You may recognize her from the Invincible Iron Man where she has currently been aiding Tony Stark's recovery. But another story.

The group of super powered young adults are learning on the job in this issue how to fight together and carry out a successful mission. As that is going on Fury sneaks into the White House and let's the President know he has access to classified information and that he isn't taking orders anymore. He is doing his way from now on. Fury is basically letting the President know that he is respectful of the Presidents role, but he has been handling the tough world problems for more years than the President could vote. The issue then ends with the reveal of some pretty shocking information that even Fury didn't know: information that has been a secret for a long time.

Jonathan Hickman is showing that he can become a big boy in the Marvel field of Bendis, Fraction and Brubaker with his dramatically paced script and well dialoged characters. Secret Warriors #1 would have been a comic of the day much earlier in the year but I was so caught up in his story telling that I couldn't pick a specific issue. Finally, I just said heck with it and pulled up issue number one. A great beginning to an pleasing monthly read.

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