Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moon Knight #47 (Vol. 2)

Many characters have been made as partial knock offs to DC's Batman. DC's own Green Arrow was a wealthy single man who did not process super-powers and eventually even claimed a young side kick much like Batman's Robin. In Marvel, Tony Stark's single rich man persona seemed very much like Batman's Bruce Wayne side, but Batman's look and vigilante style of justice can most recognizably be found in Marvel's Moon Knight.

Moon Knight is Mark Spector, an ex-Marine, C.I.A. agent and mercenary. While in Egypt he was killed by an ex partner of his and then brought back to life by the Egyptian god of vengeance, Khonshu. Spector dresses in the garb of Khonshu and fights evil doers, often brutally beating them. Like Batman, Moon Knight sports a cape and uses gadgetry to take down enemies. He has a flying aircraft and at one point had a side kicked named "Midnight." He also has a large amount of money and keeps a secret identity. Basically, Marvel assumed if they made his origin, intentions, and the color of his costume the complete opposite, no one would see the similarities.

In Moon Knight #47, Moon Knight thinks he hasn't long before he is to die (he received a deadly virus in battle). He secretly watches some normal citizens to see who he will offer the mantle of Moon Knight to when he passes away. One "normal" person he watches is Peter Parker. Unaware of his true identity as Spider-Man he offers Pete the gig. Peter lets Moony down easy saying he has school, a job, and a hot wife to look after. Depressed Moon Knight makes his way back to his Bat-Cave...I mean Moon Cave, and soon discovers...he's cured! Hooray random ending which isn't even explained!

Oh, the issue doesn't end there folks. The teaser for the next issue tells us a prisoner is on the loose and he is looking for trouble. In a very odd turn of events, the random villain who escapes looks just like Whiplash! With the Iron Man 2 movie coming out soon, and Whiplash being a main foe, this knock off is quite a surprise. Marvel was really feeling that electrical whip thing even back in the 90's. Everyone with lasers and guns look out! He's got...a whip?

Moon Knight #47 is my comic of the day because it is filled with so much character rip off and like the violent unapologetic Moon Knight, it does'n give a fuck.

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