Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guy Gardner #16

I don't know what the heck is going on in this 1994 Guy Gardner issue. Guy Gardner #16 starts out with Guy being angry that his recent exploits were not the lead story in the newspaper. He then goes to see an old buddy no-name superhero who ends up attacking Guy because he thinks he has gone bad. Guy gets Wonder Woman and her truth retrieving rope to let the misguided hero know that Guy is not bad after all. The issue ends with a random villain/mercenary getting orders for his target, Guy Gardner.

To be fair, reading any random issue in an ongoing title would be very confusing. The main things I don't understand is why Guy Gardner has a yellow ring. I thought he was a Green Lantern with a green ring. Yellow rings are for chicks. Green rings are much manlier or in this case...guylier. From a brief letter to the writer in the back of the comic which some ongoing titles have, a reader mentions the ring is Sinestro's old ring. How the...? Ah, never mind. Another thing I do not understand is Guy's white t-shirt. It looks painted on. Besides myself, no man is that ripped. Seeing every muscle through Guy's shirt is ridiculous. How uncomfortable that must be for him. It would be cutting off circulation everywhere. A slow tight and white death.

Guy Gardner #16 may see like a random issue to own but what the common comic book follower may not know about this comic of the day, is that Guy Gardner #16 is the last Guy Gardner issue in this series. The next issue begins the new title, Guy Gardner: Warrior. Basically, I'm owning a classic.

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