Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (Vol.1)

In the 31st century things get wild. Staples of the Marvel Universe such as silver boards are replaced with extra-long red scarfs. Scarfs? Is that what we become?

Guardians of the Galaxy #25 takes place in the 31st century. It is about the title group combined with the force of the former Silver Surfer, now known as "The Keeper," trying to stop Galactus from devouring a Guardians home world. As I mentioned, the Silver Surfer has been stripped of his powers (and his board broken...gnarly wipe-out dude) by Galactus and has established his own inner powers to become...silver, once more! Oh and he has powers cosmic again. The Keeper (formerly Silver Surfer...I know, annoying), confronts Galactus in battle with the Guardians. Keeps makes himself as large as the Purple Planet Eater (awesome song, by the way) and wrestles him to victory. Rather than kill Galactus, Keeps joins him to help find ways to satisfy his hunger without destroying worlds with life on them.

Everyone is happy! The End.

Alright, there is more to this book than just the story. First of all, are you kidding me comic book printing press? I swear, the era this comic book came out (31st century) was the worst time for comic production machines in the history of comic production machines. Well, excluding the comic stapler 3000 which killed 5 men and a bird that got lost in the factory. There is always a bird lost in big factories... Where the hell are these birds' nests?

Anyway, a bunch of pages in this book, and many others, have those little holes in the bottom of the page where the pages have been fused together from being packed too tight or something. One used to flip the page and then the bottom would stay connected for a moment then make little rips. So frustrating! I wonder if the CGC takes those into consideration? Man, now my Detective Comics #27 is worthless! (Note I never used the phrase "pages stuck together" thus trying to avoid any masturbating to comics jokes. I only use Spidey comics for that... Awkward. Moving on!)

Beside little page welded rips, Guardians of the Galaxy #25 is also filled with so many editor notes. Asterisks every where! You have to read every book, with these characters in them, ever printed to understand the story without the editor's info boxes. I guess their info boxes are like a writer's parenthesis. Some time a writer uses a ton to convey their full array of thoughts (note my second paragraph and this actual note noting my second paragraph and this note). I guess I can let the endless side notes slide.

A comic of the day doesn't have to be noteworthy for it's content or it's sweet 90's marketing prism-cover; rather, it simply has to exist. And unfortunately, Guardians of the Galaxy #25 does.

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