Monday, March 1, 2010

February Comic of the Day Recap

Month two was definitely a little harder. You may have noticed my posts getting later in the day. I wouldn't write as many the day before, rather I waited until I got back from work (yes, I have a full time job) and wrote my posts then. Seeing as I do not just review comic books, I am not always writing about a book that is new or fresh in reader's minds. Often, I need to re-read the individual issues to understand what it is I am going to comment about. This is another reason the posts go up later in the day. I actually put thought into these things, even though it may appear otherwise.

In March I hope to make more posts about DC and independent comics of the day. I collect mainly Marvel so naturally my posts will reflect my collection, but I think keeping the readings and my thoughts on them outside my comfort zone may produce some interesting thoughts and articles.

Some of February's highlights included the following posts:

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