Monday, March 1, 2010

Death's Head II #1 (Part 1 of 4)

My journey has been completed. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing ebay for some comic book sets I had wanted to complete and I came across a great deal for the entire Death's Head II mini-series. I paid about $5.75 for the comic books (which are in in VF+ to NM condition) and shipping. How could I pass that deal up?

Today, I received the bagged and boarded issues with great enjoyment. First, I flipped through the issues just looking at their covers. The covers alone help tell the basic plot of the story. Plus, they brought back a feeling of strange anger.

I was always oddly upset that the original Death's Head was killed. Right there on the cover you learn of Death Head's fate, and as you read on in the story you witness how easily he is dispatched. In Death's Head II #1, the mechanical creature known as Minion (Death's Head II) kills many different creatures and fighters to assimilate their skills, and thus, become the greatest fighting being this side of the year 2020AD. Death's Head stumbles upon Minion killing a mark which Death's Head (being a bounty hunter) hoped to kill for a hefty reward. Death's Head seeks out Minion and fights him with less than positive results...he gets in a couple of shots, but for the most part is torn apart.

The killing off of a popular Marvel character (maybe the most popular Marvel UK character) was quite surprising. Plus, it was done without much of a battle. I really feel like Marvel disrespected Death Head's fans, yet at the same time respect Marvel for creating a huge moment without much fanfare. These fighters get into battles all of the time and just take for granted that they are going to live forever. If you are willing to kill, you better be willing to die.

The death of the second coolest bounty hunter of all time (1. Boba Fett 2. Death's Head 3. Dog) makes Death's Head II #1 the comic of the day. Looking at the cover again it seems fitting that a character named Death's Head would die in the hand of his killer with nothing but his head and death.

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