Friday, March 26, 2010

Daredevil King-Size Special #1

What ever happened to Eradin Maldonado?

Eradin was a co-worker and good friend of my mother, Eileen. To be more accurate, he was a co-worker of my mother, and a friend to my whole Gazzuolo family. Eradin was the fun family friend who had his act together. He moved from Cleveland to California for work, just as my family did (for my mother's career), and was number one on the honorary Gazzuolo list for many years.

Eradin was at the top of my list, in terms of family friends, because he talked to me and my sisters like we were adults. We talked about Cleveland sports, popular new music (he bought me my first CD ever...Cake: Fashion Nugget), movies, Seinfeld, and even comics. That's right, Eradin knew about comics. But not only did he know comics, Eradin was the owner of the coolest (though small) comic collection I had ever heard of.

One day when Eradin was helping his mother clean out her attic, Eradin stumbled upon some of his old comics. Like something out of a story book or a top story on Yahoo news, Eradin found old rare books including Amazing Spider-Man #1, the first appearance of Iron Man, and many more old gems. How awesome was his mother by the way?! She held onto those old books when so many other mothers would have tossed them years ago. Thank god for Eradin's mother!

Getting to the title issue... On one of my birthdays Eradin gave me one of his old books. He gave me the 1964 Daredevil King-Size Special #1. It isn't worth a ton in monetary value, but it is basically priceless to me because it was from my good friend Eradin. Eradin knew I enjoyed and appreciated comic books, so he gave me an old classic, which of course blew my mind. When I was young the thought of owning a book from the early 60's was unheard of. The aging of one year brought me this time capsule of cool. I still show it to my friends when they come over. I have it packaged and in a safe place, too. Gotta protect the goods.

I will probably hold onto this comic of the day, Daredevil King-Size Special #1 until I have a child and pass it on. To this day it remains one of my favorite comics.

With the memory of an amazing birthday gift in my head I say this to Eradin Maldonado (whom I haven't spoken to in many years): I've had many birthdays since you presented me with Daredevil King-Size Special have some catching up to do. Okay, okay... Hand over Amazing Spider-Man #1, and we'll call it even.

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