Saturday, March 20, 2010

Civil War Files

Civil War Files goes along with what I was talking about in the Heroes for Hire post. When you buy side issues that are supposed to go along with an event you usually end up getting burned. In this case I was burned, but in a different way than usual. Instead of buying a book that has a random story that tries to connect with the event this book is litterally what the title suggests: files.

The comic book is a series of files on characters in the Marvel universe. Their are pages of information on the Avengers as a group, Norman Osborne, Captain America, Luke Cage, Deadpool and so on. The files are written in paragraph form mostly by Tony Stark. They are basically his thorough reports on what he is up against and figures that may have a part in what is to come (at the time). There is an image of the character in the upper corners of the files and then just words. Did I buy a novel or a comic book?!

To be fair, the content in this issue is very strong. It almost acts as a recap of what is known of the characters to the point at which the comic book was written. For people getting back into comics at the point of Marvel's Civil War, and enjoy to read, then this book my be very useful. But again, I must stress you must enjoy reading. This is some War and Peace stuff here. It isn't a few thought and dialog balloons.

Civil War Files was a book I bought because of the hype around Civil War and the crazy character collage on this comic of the day cover. Steve McNiven, who also did the main Civil War covers, pumps out a comic book cover with a medley of iconic Marvel characters drawn in classic detailed McNiven style. McNiven can just draw a bundle of sticks on the ground on a comic cover and I would buy two copies of it. Granted, sticks are freak'n awesome, and I am sure anyone would buy comics with sticks on them...but you get the point. The man can draw. Thus, I own Civil War Files.

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