Monday, March 22, 2010

The Avengers #233

The cover of this comic is classic 80's sensationalizing at it's greatest. It pits the Avengers Up Against...The Barrier! I guess that sounds better than the Avengers Up Against...a Big Pink-Tinted Expanding Dome!

The Avengers #233 is a filler issue in an ongoing storyline of Hawkeye's healing injured leg. Yes, the stories were that good back in the 80's. Captain Marvel is flying into New York when all of a sudden she crashes into an impenetrable growing invisible wall. She-Hulk tries to hold the barrier back and Cap even lets green'n gorgeous stick his shield in the ground to wedge the growing barrier back, but alas, even that doesn't work. Thor tries tossing his hammer at the enlarging dome and it just goes through and falls to the ground, not leaving a hole or anything. The point is, this invisible sphere is ever expanding from it's origin point the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building. The team is away and Annihilus is releasing the growing "sphere of death!" Well, that's what I call it.

As I read about this sphere, I can not help but think of another famous sphere: Stephen King's hit novel Under the Dome. I am pretty sure he stole his idea from The Avengers #233. King is working with Marvel these days on some original and adapted scripts of his own (unless he stole those ideas too). Maybe he is working with them as a way to pay them back for his heinous thievery. By the way, what a story to rip-off. I can just see King flipping through old comic books now...

" Big pink-tinted expanding dome...wait a minute! I've got it!"

And that's how Stephen King came up with the story for Carrie. Oh yeah, and years later he wrote Under the Dome. The Avengers #233 earns it's status as the comic of the day since it was the obvious inspiration for the mega-novel Under the Dome.

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