Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #627

There was a time when people would say "Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut!" But today, in Amazing Spider-Man #627, we find out that indeed "Something Can Stop the Juggernaut!"

In 1982 Roger Stern (Death of Superman) wrote a two issue Amazing Spider-Man adventure (issues #229 and #230) where the tiny bug of a superhero Spider-Man squared off against the unstoppable Juggernaut. There was something about the wise cracking hero who while small in stature would take on any villain no matter their power or might. Stern decided to pit the wall-crawler against one of the biggest and baddest guys in the Marvel universe to prove Spider-Man's courage. The short tale became an instant Spider-Man classic.

Over the years Spider-Man ran into the Marvel's mighty momentum man several times and managed to hold his own, but the statement "Nothing can stop the Juggernaut" remained true. You could only hope to redirect or contain him. But that was then.

28 years later Roger Stern has come back on board The Amazing Spider-Man buggie to write a follow up to his memorable tale. The new two part yarn tells you everything you need to know, "Something can stop the Juggernaut!" And just in case you were thinking stop would mean something other than "halt by force" (which in comics it always does), Lee Weeks and Dean White provide the reader with a cover displaying Juggernaut's cracked open helmet, busted face, and smoked head. Literally, Juggs got toasted.

The Amazing Spider-Man #627 is actually all build up for the final panel. The next issue is where we will actually learn the why and a little bit more about the who when it comes to the demolished carcass of Juggernaut Spidey finds. This issue simply lays out where Stern is going with the story. I am interested, but I would rather not have to buy an issue which is all build up. Ah, who am I kidding. I buy every Amazing Spider-Man issue anyway.

I won't go for the poor pun here and declare that Lee Weeks's art is...not strong in this comic of the day, but I am not impressed. An adventure with the Juggernaut in it needs a more over the top artist. Someone like a Chris Bachalo who uses exaggerated features to enhance the personality of a character would be great in this issue. Granted Chris Bachalo is one of my favorite artists anyway...but still! I do not think Weeks is write for these characters; however, his style is very basic and 80's like which does lend itself to throw back which this issue is trying to connect with via Roger Stern. Looking at the art more closely, one can see some basic boxiness which is in the art stylings of John Romita Jr., the 1982  Amazing Spider-Man artist.

I'll get the next book because I get every Amazing Spider-Man issue, but there damn well better be some destruction. I mean come on! The book has Juggernaut in it! He's the Juggernaut, bitch!


Anonymous said...

...and you're the juggernaut's bitch!

Jeff said...

Couldn't disagree more about Lee Weeks. His style is just realistic enough to make almost any super-hero story work.

Still, great site!

Dom said...

I just feel this issue isn't some of his better work. I went back and looked at some of his work on a pretty powerful character like Captain Marvel (from his mini series a couple years back). The book looks good. I admit it. But this Spider-Man issue just didn't grab me like some of his other work has.

I did a review on the last issue in the Captain Marvel mini. Check out the link below. I didn't mention Weeks, but you'll see I enjoyed it.