Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #545

The Amazing Spider-Man #545 will remain in Spider-Man lore as the issue which divided many web-slinger fans from their heart. It did not quite have that effect on me, but it did show me that love for a character (or person) you thought you knew can be taken away. Love is sometimes all we have to give, and in Peter Parker and Mary Jane's case, it was all they had to give to save a life.

Spider-Man Sunday -  The Amazing Spider-Man #545

Save a life with your love. That is the offer the Devil (Mephisto) gave to the married Parkers. Their love was so pure that for God to not have it in his realm, the Devil would grant life to Peter's elderly aunt May. In truth, the love for Peter's aunt May was also present when the deal with the Devil was made, but the real desire to grant May life was the idea of responsibility and sacrifice. Both intentions are noble, and yet not always fair.

In this comic of the day, Mary Jane brings up the question of selfishness. Is it wrong to let someone go even if they were close to passing on, anyway? Peter points out the causes were not natural and so yes, it is wrong to not take that responsibility. The selfish choice of letting her go may eat away at them and turn into an arguing point down the road...always looming over them like a cloud they choose to see light through, even at night. In our own lives our clouds are produced by other forms of precipitation, such as lying or bad relationship decisions. Couples, like Peter and Mary, may be able to get past these issues, but they never go away. Whether the sky bares darkness in front of you or in the rear view mirror, it is still there. How we deal with the shade is where real love comes into play.

Fortunately, there is always more to the story in an ongoing comic book series. In Amazing Spider-Man, Mephisto takes away Mary Jane's and Peter's marriage, but He did not exactly take away their fates. Comic readers assume that eventually Marvel will bring the two characters back together. Fans hated the wash-out job Marvel did when they basically changed their most popular icon's history and started almost anew. The erasing of the incident (choosing May's life over their marriage) could be good for the fictional couple. For their lives to never have touched such a choice may clear their horizons and bring forth a bright shining "Brand New Day." In real life a brand new day is out there, too. Horizons may never be blue as far as the eye can see, but a love filled with rainy days is still love. It just has more umbrellas.

Is a long term plan in the mix which will bring the two lovers to embrace once more? I say there is a chance. A good man and a good woman with history together always have a chance at love. I believe love is still in the just hasn't been written yet.

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