Thursday, March 11, 2010

Action Comics #711

How people take care of comic books has changed over the years. Kids used to just through them in a pile or use them as paper flooring for their bet mice. They didn't bag and board them like grown men do now. Comic books have proven to be quite the collectibles with the likes of Action Comics #1 selling for one million dollars and Detective Comics #27 selling for just over that. Naturally, with comics being proven commodities buyers now purchase the comics to be bagged and boarded up right after the books are read. And this brings us to my copy of Action Comics #711.

My buddy, Sean Plunket, sold me a bin of his comic books. He had most of them bagged and boarded, but some of them were just bagged. When I brought the comics home I realized I was one board short. One comic was going to have to just get by with a bag...or so you may think. Thankfully, yours truly had noticed an empty action figure case in his closet. There on the floor was the back to a Shatterstar (with dual sword slashing action) action figure. The backing was surprisingly the same size as a comic board so I simply used that bit of cardboard to support Action Comics #711. I know...I'm a genius.

Sifting through my first bin of books for a comic of the day I found Action Comics #711 with the Shatterstar backing still in place. After all of these years I never changed out Action Comics #711 protection because if you read Action Comics #711 once you had read it enough, thus, never coming back to it. The issue is pits Clark against one of his old teenage rivals who discovered he was Superman. The rival Kenny, became a super villain and tried to fight Clark one on one only to lose the fight and his life. And the Queen hit plays on..."another one bites the dust..."

Finally replacing the board I can't help but hold onto the old Shatterstar packaging. The journey it took to be in my hands once again after all of these years is quite amazing. In the case of today's entry: it isn't about the comic, it's about the journey...oh, and Shatterstar.

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