Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ZVR Aventure #1

Don't be a fool as I so childishly was. Just because a book is called Zombies Versus Robots does not mean it will be awesome. In fact, more likely than not it will be the equivalent to dead scrap metal. The child in me got carried away, not to mention the cover had a very cool feel to it: a painted dark color pallet depicting a soldier with a gas mask...standard zombie and robot cover stuff.

The IDW published ZVR Aventure #1 consists of three separate stories by three separate writers and three separate artists. The only thing they have in common is that they are all boring. All three stories have a bit of robot in them, but no robot killing or clamptastic action. No clamptastic action?! Errorrrr! Every book with a robot (ever) should include clamps and that robot going berserk on a zombie. I'll let the Vision slide because he is a gay robot. He is all about the nuts and bolt. Lubricating some man-bot gears. Pipe cleaning the exhaust. Okay, I think that's about good.

I cared before I opened ZVR Aventure #1, but after I did not. If anything, I regret buying the book. Sure it led me towards some cheap shots at the Vision, but no metal and dead flesh fury. Besides the story not being compelling, the actual dialog and written narrative reads very poorly. The sentences do not break correctly and the grammar seems odd. It may be written that way for effect. You know, if the effect making a reader not want to buy the next issue and take a clamp to his own throat. Squeezing pressure 12!

Alright, I'll stop piling on these guys (that's not what I meant Vision), but please don't get this comic of the day. Not every comic of the day is good. Some of them are warnings.

Finally, in the words of Tobor, "Beep beep bop beep bop bop. Bop beep! Bop bop bop beep!" Well said, Tobor. Well said.


Anonymous said...

Clamps don't make the robots. That's preference. Ashley Wood couldn't come through for you? Sad!

Dom said...

I didn't judge this book by it's cover. The cover is cool, yet the interior isn't as compelling.