Friday, February 19, 2010

Thor Corps #4 of 4

For what ever reason I have several mini series ending issues (not issues with the endings of mini series). Last month I wrote a post on Death's Head II #4, a forth and final issue of a tale mixed up in time. Today's comic of the day is a forth and final issue of a tale mixed up in the multiverse. Both stories may not make much sense by just reading the last issue, yet that is what I have done. Unfortunately, unlike the Death's Head II #4, Thor Corps #4 is not as cool.

Though Thor Corps #4 lacks the luster of a well written comic book, it does include some pretty eye familiar moments. The issue includes 4 different dimensions of Thor (i think) which include Beta Ray Bill which Marvel fans may know from the current "Planet Hulk" DVD movie. At one point to save the multiverse from destruction, the Thors join their Mjolnir hammers together and literally "cross the streams" of the hammers' powers to counteract the multiverse's destruction. They basically "Ghostbuster" the multiverse to swing it's doors the other way. After they save the day they all yell, "Busting makes me feel good!"

Another part of Thor Corps #4 which caught my eye was the design of the bad guy (turned good by the end...standard), Demon Staff. See he has this staff...yeah, it's a clever sweet-ass name. Anyway, he looks exactly like Deadpool but with a trench coat! No joke, the guy has the mask, sweet sacks on his utility belt, and at one point is even disfigured under his mask. Same exact guy in design. Even back then Deadpool was in everything.

Besides these cool little nods to the art of ripping-off, the book is pretty lame. Love saves the day...blah, blah, blah. Yes, ghost-bust'n was key, but love actually made it happen. Just once can "crossing the streams" save the day?! Oh... Just twice can "crossing the streams" save the day?!

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