Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spider-Man 2099 #1

Spider-Man Sunday - Spider-Man 2099 #1

This Sunday night I reread one of my Marvel 2099 books, Spider-Man 2099 #1. The 2099 line which Marvel Comics started up in 1992, is supposedly the distant future which the Marvel Universe could be in store for. Deciding to take a look back, I noticed a few things depicted that were quite noteworthy in regards to the year 1992, and that era's depiction of the future.

Early on in the issue we see Miguel O'Hara, who is the title character in Spider-Man 2099, listening and watching his messages. He sits in his home and watches holograms of the people who tried calling/contacting him. The holograms appear as the person leaving the message and basically works like an answering machine in the early 90's. I took note of this scene not because it's possible cool technology for the future, but because of the length of the messages. The messages were super long! Most people don't even leave voice messages these days because the caller ID will pick up the caller's name anyway. It takes way to long to hear the answering service's message and then to leave a long detailed message. Who still does that?

The book did not anticipate the huge use and reliance on the cell phone. The cell phone has turned into the main phone for many people. They provide our A.D.D. society (something else the 2099 line didn't anticipate) with the means to get through messages quickly with the use of caller ID. One knows right away if they want the message or not. Also, the message may just be in text form. Maybe not as advanced as a hologram, but people don't want to see light imitations. Just a quick "R u there" works now. Star Wars would have been a lot shorter movie if Princess Leia would have just texted Obi Wan. "Ob1 u r last hope..."

On a non time related issue I had with this book, the lead's name is Miguel O'Hara. Really? Does the O'Hara line have many Miguels in it? If there is one Miguel O'Hara alive today, or in the year 2099, I will be shocked. And that's another thing! In place of curse words in the future, everyone says the word "shock." The future loves unexpected electrical discharges.

Besides the zany future stuff in the comic of the day, the 2099 Spider-Man had little claws on his fingers. That's cool...right?

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