Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spider-Man #18 - 23

Comic books which are jammed packed with multiple characters that do not usually interact are awesome. With books focused on a solo character, Spider-Man is often by himself in battle against his many foes but from time to time Spider-Man will appose multiple enemies at the same time. In those instances, even a great solo hero needs help, and most of the who's who in the Marvel universe have come to the aid of the web-slinger from time to time.

Spider-Man Sunday - Spider-Man #18 - 23: Revenge of the Sinister Six

Spider-Man #18 - 23 is a six part story which focuses on the villainous team the Sinister Six coming together and combining their powers to become unstoppable (and take over the world I's not very clear why). The members include the Sandman (who actually isn't on the side of the Six), Doctor Octopus, Electro, Mysterio, the Vulture, and Demogoblin (taking the place of the deceased Kraven). Basically, Doc. Oct. gets the group together to act as his soldier support as he tries to become all powerful. Dr. O has just recently bin fitted with new adamantium arms making him powerful enough to put down the Hulk, which he does in issue #19. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to put down the Sinister Six, Spider-Man finally gets some combined help from many superheroes he meets along the way (in the story-arch).

In the finale, Spider-Man #23, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Nova, Deathlok, Solo, Sleepwalker the Hulk and the Fantastic Four join forces to fight the Sinister Six and Gog. Oh, who's Gog you ask? Just some creature from another dimension the Sinister Six picked up along the way. Keep up!

All of the villains are over run except Doctor Octopus, who is still holding his own against all of the heroes, until the Sandman surprises Dr. O with an attack. The superheroes win, the scatter, Peter and Mary Jane make-up after a random fight, and at the end Peter gets a surprise birthday party. Happy endings for the win!

Eric Larson writes and pencils this Sinister Six story leaving a strong mark on the Spider-Man series. His Spider-Man looks very clean and acrobatic making for a version of the web head which I love. He handles the guest heroes with great ease and really lets Doctor Octopus's mechanical arms fly about the page. The exaggerated length of the arms makes his panels feel very alive with movement and action. Larson also handles the webbing which Spidey flings everywhere very nicely. The scene where Spider-Man's web-gun contraption explodes and sends web everywhere dusts the cob-webs off of what you thought you knew about webbing. In fact, Larson uses so much intricate webbing that his colorist, Gregory Wright, has a hard time filling in all of the correct coloring in between the spaces of the web.

Other notable moments in these comics are the advertisements in the comic books. The ad for James Bond Jr. comic books has set the cartoon television show's theme song off in my head. It will now be on repeat all night. ("Look out he's coming through, he's got a job to do...while he's saving the day! Bond! James Bond Jr.") Thanks 90's ads! Also...who had a Game Genie?


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