Monday, February 22, 2010

SleepWalker #5

After writing yesterday's post on "The Revenge of the Sinister Six" story arch in Spider-Man, I started thinking about one of my old comic book favorites, Sleepwalker. He was a non-human creature which inhabited the mind of Rick Sheridan, a college student. When ever Rick went to sleep, Sleepwalker appeared and began roaming the streets looking to cleanse his environment of evil. There is more to the character created by Bob Budiansky, but that's about all anyone needs to know about him. Oh, also he can warp matter with his pinkish-red eye beams. But who can't?

Sleepwalker had a solo comic title in the early 90's which included appearances from many popular 90's characters including Spider-Man. Spider-Man first meets the alien looking Sleepwalker in Sleepwalker #5, part one of "Web of Confusion" and the comic of the day. In the issue Sleepwalker is unsure if Spider-Man is a good guy or not, so before Rick wakes up Sleepwalker makes a sketch of Spider-Man's face with the options below: Good? Evil? Rick finds the note and circles "good." Hooray for Spider-Man! Sleepy and Webby then team up to take on criminals. Good guys unite!

The cover of Sleepwalker #5, and issue #6 for that matter, are quite strange. For whatever reason Spider-Man's face is colored in black on each cover. I never really thought about it until I re read the books today, but I wonder if it is some kind of "appearance on limited covers" thing at play. I don't think it makes much sense in the story. It could be an inside joke, but more than likely its a cover appearance thing. I'll ask Richard Starkings the next time he is at the comic shop. His letters were all over the place in the 90's. He has to have some kind of inside information.

I may be one of the few people who still enjoys himself a sleep induced, float'n alien, bug-eye-beam'n, matter warp'n hero in scrunched-up purple gloves and boots, but...wait, what was I talking about? Sleepwalker? Who the fuck is that?

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