Saturday, February 6, 2010

Silent War: TPB

Silent War is one of those mini series, or trades, that slips through the cracks. It was an important period of time for the Inhumans, but not very compelling to many Marvel readers.

The Inhumans have always been the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" of the Marvel Universe. Not everyone who follows Marvel really knows who they are or what they are about, but you know they exist. They have a cult following of readers and watchers (not the bald getting punched by Red Hulk type) that enjoy their rich histories and stories dating back to early Fantastic Four and Avenger adventures.

Inhumans are a race of genetically altered humans from many years ago. The alien Kree experimented on humans in hopes of making super-soldiers to fight their hated foes, the alien Skrulls. The Kree abandoned their project and left a group of altered humans to establish their own society led by their current king, Black Bolt.

In the story Silent War, the Inhumans are held up on the moon to keep out of human affairs, and to keep humans out of theirs. After an accidental incident on earth, Iron Man and the U.S. government capture the inhuman Gorgon. Using the Inhuman's sacred, and stolen (by Quick Silver) crystals against the captured Gorgon, the U.S. government deform him further and disgrace the Inhumans through this act. Basically, the government and Inhumans collide over the crystals and the disrespect committed by both sides. After the battle takes place Black Bolt's brother, Maximus, is chosen to lead the Inhumans due to recent unfortunate events. Rather than fight for his throne he accepts his kingdom's wishes and does nothing.

The title of the tale is Silent War because, at least at first, there is not any confrontation. It is much like the Cold War in U.S. and Russian history. Also, and mainly, the leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, does not speak. If he does his words can crumble mountains. His act of not fighting back or attacking the U.S. governement is looked at as being weak by his brother and race. Black Bolt remained silent and allowed the Inhumans to be wronged...or so Maximus would and did spin it. It is the Silent War because it is the war which Black Bolt refused to wage.

The story is written wonderfully. David Hine writes a story which is very magnetic and easy to grasp, even if you have never heard of the Inhumans. Hine makes their world very familiar to our own, and their leader's problems very similar to our leader's problems. Hine's story is also aided by the unique and out of this world art of Frazier Irving. Each frame could be hung on a wall and instantly turn that wall's building into the most popular gallery in town. The style is fresh to Irving and this book.

I enjoy this comic of the day, Silent War a great deal because it never fails to draw it's readers into the world of the Inhumans. Every person I let borrow this book want to know more about the Inhumans. Silent War screams to the reader until their brain is filled with nothing but Inhuman thoughts. The characters with a cult following just went all Heavens Gate after Silent War. People are dieing to read more.

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