Friday, February 5, 2010

Siege #2

I enjoy taking a few days to view readers' reactions before I type up my thoughts on some comic books. Siege #2 has a pretty big moment in it which touches several Marvel books.Without going into it too much, readers who keep up to date with Marvel news know, and knew, that someone big would die in Siege #2. Not big like Goliath in Marvel's Civil War, but rather big as in important and popular in the current Marvel universe. The death is quite shocking and made for that moment I was looking for in readers' reactions.

Many readers, who have posted their thought in the Marvel forums, were shocked in the brutal way the death happened. The lack of emotion in the killer was the key to the surprise. After reading the incident many forum posters became quite enraged at the killer and called on great superheroes to smite the perpetrator. This is where the book hits it's mark.

Brian Michael Bendis writes an excellent second issue, which both stuns and engages readers. Angering comic book readers a little bit can be a good thing. Many Marvel fans have expressed their distaste for the writer and his twisting of events to either hurt their dear Marvel Universe or their beloved fans. But, and this is a strong but, the readers are intrigued. They know the Universe has changed in their books and they want the old familiars to right BMB's wrongs. It is pretty funny to think that the readers want the characters to correct the writer's (the real person mind you) alterations. They think through the characters they can achieve vengeance. As BMB knows, readers may say, and even think, they hate a story, but often they still buy the books and love it. You only hurt the fictional character when you stop buying a title.

The comic of the day, Siege #2, is overall a very good book. Written well and drawn beautifully by Oliver Coipel. His Thor and Captain America drawings are amazing, plus his sharp clean style fits the iconic characters he wields in Siege. If you haven't read this issue, read it. Nuff said.

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