Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sabretooth #1 (Vol. 1)

I have two of these. Have you ever gone through your collection and notice you have two of the same issue? Plus, not only are you seeing double, but you have some how produced very random twins. I don't recognize one child let alone two of the same. If I was going to have two of one comic book it would most likely be a Spider-Man related title: a couple duel Amazing Spider-Mans, maybe two Venom Lethal Protectors, but two Sabretooths?

Sabretooth #1 follows Victor Creed, a.k.a. Sabretooth, as he is getting home from some undisclosed meeting. He fights many Hand ninjas outside of his place who were waiting to kill him for killing one of their leaders (What else are the Hand going to do on a Tuesday night?). This mini scene establishes that Sabretooth is a load to hand-le (it happened), as proof by holding off a horde of trained ninjas (not those untrained ninjas that are always attacking...anyone can take them on). His assistant, whom he slaps around because he's Sabretooth not a teddy-bear, basically calls some group of armed men to come ambush Creed in the night and drag him off to their base. There they supe' him up with physical enhancements and tell him to kill Mystique. The issue ends with Sabretooth telling who ever captured him that he will take out Mystique, but then he is coming after them.

Artist Mark Texeira takes a break from his youth baseball to pencil this book with very raw drawings. He captures the savageness of Sabretooth even when he isn't in his classic uniform. Texeira's rough sketch-like style lends it's self fittingly to Creed's menacing faces of anger and sick joy. The art feels like what Sabretooth art should feel like: sandpaper to the eyes...in a good way.

I am actually glad I pulled this issue out because I noticed the friendly neighbor-hood Richard Starkings lettered it. There is a dotted "i" I wanted to ask him about.

I have the second issue in this series, but having two of the die-cut covered Sabretooth #1's is enough to make me take another look at this comic of the day. Most days in the year this book is just a duplicate in a box of "S"-es (how do you spell out a plural letter "S"? Yes! Another question for Starkings!), but today it's multiplicity made it stand out in my mind and on this site.

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