Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Punisher 2099 #1

The last 2099 book I own is The Punisher 2099. There is also a Doom 2099, but for whatever reason I do not have it in my collection (yet). The Punisher 2099 follows Jake Gallows, a police officer in the year 2099 who's family is killed by a psychopath. After the corrupt justice system let's his family's killer out on a fine, Jake finds Frank Castle's old "war journal." The journal's last entry reads, "You who find this, I charge you to carry on my work." Jake suits up and calls himself the Punisher.

So far, this is the first 2099 book to not have curse words replaced with the word "shock." At one point Jake yells an expletive that appears as asterisk symbols. I actually appreciate the symbols more than goofy new slang words. Slang may change but the rage and vulgarity expressed in random symbols always conveys they same message.

The Punisher 2099 does mark one of the early projects in the career of Jimmy Palmiotti. Palmiotti inked The Punisher 2099 and later wrote many Marvel and DC titles, but he is currently known for his critically acclaimed run on Jonah Hex. The story of Jimmy Palmiotti and The Punisher 2099 is a very inspiring tale. Even when it looks like the world has turned it's back on you just think of Jimmy, hang in there and think...WWJD?

The last of my 2099 books and the comic of the day, The Punisher 2099 #1, was actually a little refreshing. Out of all of the books it felt the least annoying and even had some cool imaginations such as the 2014 Magnum gun, the last metal throwing gun. Four more years and we shall see how the predictions start to turn out from the 2099 comic runs. I can't wait.

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