Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look & Find: The Amazing Spider-Man

Up until today, the Spider-Man Sunday additions have all been a Spider-Man comic series. Today we are taking a new approach and exploring Spider-Man outside of an actual comic, yet still in a book...a very fun book.

Spider-Man Sunday - "Look & Find: The Amazing Spider-Man"

"Look & Find: The Amazing Spider-Man" is basically a Marvel (1992) "Where's Waldo" book. It is an over-sized 12" x 10" book which has 9 (2 page) scenes of web-slinger chaos. Howard Bender is the layout artists on this book and should be recognized for his mashed scenes and large scale vision. Bender takes us to such settings as in a multi-floored office building, on the beach, at a carnival, a baseball stadium and inside a theater.

Heroes and villains flood the pages of this "Look & Find: The Amazing Spider-Man". Besides our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man heroes include the Silver Surfer, Luke Cage, the Hulk, Daredevil, Thor, Vision, Moon Knight, the Scarlet Witch and many more. Filling out the villains roster are the likes of Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Stilt Man, Calypso, Rhino, Mysterio and few more. The heroes and villains interact a little bit, but are mostly playing in their environments and messing with regular people who are scattered in the scenes.

Mysterio's character is particularly fun because there are a ton of fake Mysterios without fishbowl helmets running around causing a ruckus. The fake Mysterios are picking peoples pockets and even trying to drawn people (in a tasteful way) in the beach scenario.

In the last couple of places to the look through there are a bunch of fake Spider-Men crawling all over the place. There is a portion on the last page where Hulk is rounding all of the fakes up and tossing them in a huge pile of red and blue bodies. Thor is also throwing a barrel, like a bowling ball, at 10 Spider-Men lined up like pins. The heroes are plentiful on the last page helping get rid of the fakes and making shameful appearances. Night Thrasher is in a shot! Although, in his defense the whole New Warriors (Marvel's answer to DC's Teen Titans...Marvel was not as successful) group is helping out.

Sure, like the "Where's Waldo's" of yesterday you are supposed to find some scattered random objects in each scene, but "Look & Find: The Amazing Spider-Man" is more for hero and villain fun. I get more enjoyment out of seeing the goofy interactions amongst the characters than I do when I find a stray frisbee on the beach. "Look & Find: The Amazing Spider-Man" isn't necessarily a comic but on this website, it is still the comic of the day.

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