Monday, February 1, 2010

January Comic of the Day Recap

Well, I did it. I have completed one twelfth of my goal. I wrote a post, every day, about a different comic book or comic related book, in the month of January.

So far it hasn't been incredibly difficult, but at times I did have to reach deep and just write. I am starting to understand my writing schedule: when I prefer to write, what type of book suits me when, and when I'm just feeling it and can bust out a couple of posts for later use. I am also starting to recognize my style of writing. I am purposely trying to use different tones and not (hopefully) repeat the same sentence/paragraph/post structure every time. I am trying to be thoughtful about the process of written composition, stale writing techniques, and plain laziness. Looking at this post so far you may notice there are already five sentences which begin with "I". I could have fixed it. I left it to finish out this visual and written gag.

These post are meant to be fun for the reader and myself. The quality of each post is very important to me, as well. Readers will notice that these are not quick Facebook update style posts. The content of each entry is thought out and hopefully not too bland for even casual readers.

January was filled with many pieces which I am proud of. Some highlights are:
This post may appear in February, but it is just a reminder that January did exist and it was good...

...for me at the very least.

The first comic of the day post for February will appear later today. See you then. Enjoy the following February!

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