Monday, February 15, 2010

Iron Man #285

Iron Man was never a character I knew very well. I mean sure, I understood the basics. Tony Stark...Stark Industries...Pepper Pots and Rhodey who became War Machine. I have basic Marvel comic book reader knowledge of him, but as far as his story lines have gone I didn't know much about what went on before Marvel's Civil War. Did you know he has had different types of suits?

In Iron Man #285, Tony is apparently dead and Rhodey is releasing his supposed ashes at his funeral. Some D-list villains, and by D-list I mean villains I do not recognize, break into Stark Industries during the funeral and start a building fire. Rhodey finds a suite that looks like a mix between the War Machine armor and the basic Iron Man armor, and puts down the D-listers. One of the villains may have been Whiplash. On the cover it says Whiplash, but in the comic one of the villains calls him Blacklash. Either way, the guy had a whip. Look out man in a metal suit! He's got a whip!

Iron Man #285 also includes a scene in which Tony (who it seems is not dead) is remembering a moment from his past. Tony sees his father being quite cruel to his family while being under the influence of alcohol. It seems that Tony makes the connection that his drinking problems stem from his father. This part in the book is very brief, yet I found it to be the most interesting.

Besides the stuff about Tony and his history with his father, Iron Man #285 is quite forgettable. I feel this summed up the Iron Man series for too many years. There were parts to Iron Man's solo series which were very well written and fresh for comic characters, such as the "Demon in the Bottle" arch. Unfortunately, the overall series fell flat and failed to produce the magnetic energy needed to attract me as a reader. One of his popular enemies has a whip...come on! Oh it's electric...never mind. Avengers Assemble!

A side note with this comic of the day includes Rhodey saying "M'man" a few times. Standard black vernacular...duh. Translation for all of you honkies: "My man."

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