Saturday, February 20, 2010

In My Lifetime #1

While at the Long Beach (1 day) Comic Con today, I met and briefly spoke to a few recognizable artist. I also spoke to Tony Fleecs. That line was for Tony (he has a sense of humor). Tony writes and draws In My Lifetime, a Silent Devil published comic book filled with mini stories of moments he has actually experienced. The comic is an autobiographical book. Tony is totally conceited.

Honestly, the book is very well done. Tony is the furthest thing from conceited if you consider the way he draws himself, and uses his own self as the anchor for most jokes. In his first story he captures a moment where he thinks he may have cancer in his testicle and goes to a doctor for confirmation. He is the everyman while waiting for the doctor to basically do a ball check. As apposed to thinking about possible cancer and ill health Tony begins to wonder if the doctor will think his penis is small. Fearing the doctor's office gossip, he uses a little help from a certain J-Lo to make sure he appears manly to the doctor. The story is brief but highlighted by a diagram of the male genitalia. Besides maybe an issue of a 90's Quasar, I think this is the only other time I've seen a detailed drawing of a guy's junk in comics.

In My Lifetime #1 also touches on awkward moments in life such as: do I let a fallen bird lay outside and die. This situation presented itself to my girlfriend and I once while walking outside. There was a crow that had fallen from a tree and had a hurt wing. As Tony points out in In My Lifetime #1, you are not supposed to touch birds or other birds won't like them anymore. "You used to be cool Robin, but now you just let any ol' human touch you. You've changed. Caa Caaa!" That last part was a bird call.

So my girlfriend and I looked for near by sticks to at least move the fallen bird out of site. Facing facts, we knew this birdy was going to be swimming with the fishes soon. If we could only move this bird from site we would feel better about ourselves as humans. It can fucking die in the bushes, but not in the open where others will see it, thus passing on the burden of awkward thoughts of what to my girlfriend and I had. You may think this is leading to a kind act of using sticks to move the bird under bushes to be eat'n by a cat out of sight, but what actually happened was quite different. When we got close to the fallen aviator a bunch of other crows circled us and started yelling out. I've seen "Birds". I knew what was going to happen next. So I just kicked it to the side and we moved on. You try and do one nice thing for the birds... "This bread is too stale, the bird feeder seed tastes funny, stop poking our comrades with sticks while on the ground with a broken wing..."

In My Lifetime leads to the above. Tony Fleecs short stories relates to everyday events in my lifetime and others'. The comic is a part of the anit-comic comic culture. The comic relates stories that are identifiable and possible. Common moments fill these black and white pages ("color costs money" - 1700's slave trader) and go against the fantasy and outrageous adventures mainstream comic books convey. In My Lifetime #1's cover even mocks the mainstream comic books by implying that an adventure floods the pages of this book when in fact we lead right into a man visiting the doctors office. Shazzam!

Pleasantly, In My Lifetime #1 is the comic of the day because Tony tries to do what he wrote on my signed purchased copy of In My Lifetime #1. "Keep it real!"

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