Friday, February 26, 2010

Heroes for Hire #1 (Vol. 2)

This is why you shouldn't get "tie-in" issues to comic book events.

Heroes for Hire #1 follows a random group of mostly martial arts based characters including Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Shang-Chi, Humbug, a female Tarantula, Orka, Paladin and the Black Cat. Yeah it's like that. I had heard of Paladin, and everyone know the knock off Black Cat (Marvel's Cat-Woman type character), but the other bunch... Shang-Chi is from Masters of Kung-Fu (or something like that) and the first two women are daughters of some great former fighters...maybe? And Humbug?

In fairness, I was just getting back into comics after some time off and the cover was suggesting there was an important "tie-in" to the current Civil War event. I guess I was torn between thinking, "Who the heck are these chara...oh Black Cat, I know her. Hmm, and that's it. Ah what the hell! It has the Civil War "half of the cover is blank with just the words Civil War thing" going on...must be important. I'll take two!"

There is some plot about possibly drawing Captain America out of hiding and capturing him by a double crossing Paladin, but beyond that... I really didn't want to go back through Heroes for Hire #1 and read it again. There. I admit it. I just don't care.

I chose Heroes for Hire #1 as the comic of the day to highlight a point I have since followed in regards to publisher events: stick to the main mini-series. The tie-ins are never as important as they are hyped up to be. To be honest, often time the ongoings that adopt the event tag for a few issues can be rubbish, as well. When a book is forced based on another writer's idea, the issue may not read with the same tone or enthusiasm that a writer with their own idea may exude. Plus, and most importantly, nothing very important happens in the side stories. The more import moments happen in the main mini-series making the "tie-ins" issues empty or hollow.

Too often do publishers throw issues out there telling you they will "tie-in" when they have no importance to the overall story. The publishers are simply trying to make an extra buck off of the marketed event. Please, next time when you are considering getting a "tie-in" issue, remember Heroes for Hire #1 (Vol. 2), and don't make the same mistake I have.

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