Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire #6 (of 6)

No line sums up a book, in recent memory, better than "A lotta $%$#& Ghost Riders."

Jason Aaron and Roland Boshci's Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire mini series concluded today with the release of their sixth issue. The Ghost Rider brothers, Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch battle the "power-mad" angel Zadkiel who is trying to take over Heaven and become God. Blaze and Ketch lead an army of former Ghost Riders against the fallen angel until he is beat to hell...literally. The Ghost Riders then fight back a horde of demons led by the Kid Blackheart, the Anti-Christ.

Basically, every page is covered in flames curtsy of colorist Dan Brown (when he's not writing novels of his own). Roland Boshci went to Brown with the finished pencils and told him, "Now you may see a lot of sharp and squiggly lines all over every page. Those are meant to be there. You'll need a lot of yellow and orange."

Boshci's rugged style goes well with Ghost Rider. The way flame twists and dances is not always crisp and Boschi captures that visual through broken lines and quick marks. Plus, a rugged style seems like it would fit any type of motorcycle oriented character. His Ghost Riders look very menacing and include distinctions among their ranks. His little Knuckles O'Shaugnessy Ghost Rider is especially cool. He carries a lil' bat, wears a striped shirt, and has a burning skull with a newsie-style hat on top. Standard Ghost Rider attire.

My one problem with this comic of the day, and it's Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire predisesors, is that Marvel throws in reprints of an old "Son of Satan" story. I am not a big fan of multiple stories in one comic book. You end up paying a little more for the book and the new story always makes the old one look bad. The art alone looks hoorible after experiencing a current style. And the words! Boy could those old timers fill a book with dialog and thoughts. Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire was a fun two burning wheel ride, but the detor at the end of each book was hell...literally

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