Friday, February 12, 2010


Extinction is a Ruben Martinez art collection book and the comic of the day (the second art collection in 3 days). It is his second art release book and includes many designs and pieces of work that some of Martinez's fans may recognize from his Deviant Art website. Since the book is a private release and is not a Marvel, DC, or any other major publisher release, none of Martinez's Marvel and DC character art is included. Some fans may be bummed out about that, but others, like myself, will appreciate his unique playful style and grace their bookshelf with Extinction.

Extinction includes many horror and monster like characters all with Ruben Martinez's hint of playfulness. How does a person make a deformed man with a scary clown mask and large knife playful? Well, his exagerated body types, such as long thin legs gives the character just the right amount of cartoon to his evil character. Plus, the smiley face clown-skull and cross bones patch on his jacket helps. It's all in the character details with Martinez. Just ask his zombie bunny with the peg leg made from a zombie carrot. Go ahead...zombies are great listeners. Granted your answer may just be a drawn-out moan...

Some of Ruben Martinez's prints, which he will sell at various signings or conventions, are included in the book as well. His pumpkin headed creature carving out the heads of humans print entitled "Revenge" is collected in Extinction. I bought this piece (which Ruben signed), framed it, and placed it on my wall. Some people may think it is simply a Halloween period piece, but I regard it as a very unique and skillfully crafted piece of art. Thus, to the wall with it!

If you haven't been to Ruben's Deviant Art page, please check it out here. You don't want to miss his interpretations of many classic Marvel characters like Iron Man and Spider-Man. After viewing his work you'll wonder why he isn't currently on a Marvel ongoing title. I still have no idea why. His Marvel art is very vibrant and eye-gripping that even though his Extinction book has a theme of creatures, horrors and monsters, I still asked him to sketch an Iron Man on the inside cover for me. He did it very quickly (maybe 3 minutes) and it looks awesome. A little ink...colored markers...saved some white space for armor glare...bam! Iron Man.

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