Thursday, February 18, 2010

DoomWar #1 of 6

I was never a Doom fan. I don't hate the villain, rather if he was opening at the Filmore for The Get Up Kids for a one night only performance, I would most likely show up a little late...maybe catch the end of Doom's set just to make sure I caught The Get Up Kids.

Growing up I was mostly a fan of Spider-Man and his world. For the most part, the Spider-Man rogue gallery has standard villains with basic powers and a lot of straight forward plots for committing their crimes. Doom is a villain that often has a more complicated means of getting what he wants. Plus, Doom's powers always seemed weird to me. Is he magical? Does he have some kind of power from his suit like Iron Man? It is probably a mix of both but I don't really care to check right now.

DoomWar #1 has basically set up a plot of Doom trying to steal vibranium (Captain America's shield is made from this substance) from the nation of Wakanda, the Black Panther's home country. Wakanda is currently under the control of a dissenting group of  Wakanda locals, but with the help from a few X-Men, T'Challa the former Black Panther is taking his nation back by force. The story is leading up to Doom getting his hands on the vibranium while Wakanda is distracted with internal affairs.

I just don't care about this comic of the day. Once again, the comic of the day isn't a hidden gem or even that fun. That's how comic books are, though. Some good. Some bad.

I think first I may try giving Doom a chance by checking out a bit of his past and future. I will most likely ebay Ed Brubaker's mini-series The Books of Doom and the first couple of archs of Warren Ellis's Doom 2099. An understanding of this so called powerful foe may be necessary.

With everything said about Doom, DoomWar #1 may have some potential. But as of now, I just don't see it.

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Anonymous said...

I like the cover with all the guys laying around dead.