Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daredevil #295

When the devil rides with Ghost Rider, you have to buy that issue! In 1991 Marvel placed the then Ghost Rider Danny Ketch with "Man Without Fear", Daredevil to do what else, but fight ninjas.

The cover tells the story with Daredevil #295. Ghost rider and Daredevil combine forces to take the Hand in this action packed comic. As the cover eludes to, ninja stars are thrown and Daredevil does block them. Daredevil is in his element fighting the Hand, yet Ghost Rider is new to the situation. He doesn't quite understand why the fizzle away when mortally attacked, and does not understand the specific ninja's reaction to his "Penance Stare." Ninjas be crazy!

I remember getting Daredevil #295 from my cousin Mikey when I was young. I picked up the comic book and my father said, "Hey Mikey! I think he likes it!" It may have been my first introduction to both Ghost Rider and Daredevil. The only other knowledge of the two may have come from Spider-Man books or the Marvel trading cards.

The trading cards were the shit back in the good ol' days of...well Marvel trading cards. They were so fun for comic fans because they had the official Marvel ratings of how strong, fast and agile the various characters were. Plus, the cards had a scale for intelligence and fighting skills! The leader is soooo smart! My favorite cards were the cards that recapped classic Marvel battles and team-ups. I thought they were neat because they let you in on the comic books worth buying. These were the issues that included memorable battles or great story lines you would want to hold onto. I wonder if there was a Ghost Rider/Daredevil card? Horns and flames...there had to be!

The cover of Daredevil #295 makes it my comic of the day because no matter how old I get, or how many times I see these two characters riding into battle on a bike a'blaze, I always get a rush of adrenaline and wonder: Is it weirder for Daredevil to wrap his arms around Ghosty, or Rider to have his body of bones held tight by a man in spandex?

"Is that a bone in your front pocket or are you just hap...oh. It is a bone? Sooooo...you know I'm blind, right?"

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