Monday, February 1, 2010

Captain America #395

Marvel's comic lines in the early 90's were wild. I enjoy going through my old 90's books once in a while to see what crazy gems I have in my possession. Today's crazy gem, and comic of the day, is Captain America #395.

Just look at the cover. "The House that dripped-- Dough?!" Possibly the best tag line ever for a comic book.

The book is just a random issue in the ongoing life of Captain America. The begining of the book shows him exercising followed by sketching a picture of a woman he likes. Of course after that Cap has a talk with a fill in Thor (not the original Thor), and then takes him on a training mission to Red Skulls old house. Standard day in the life of early 90's Cap.

The book includes classic Cap villains such as the Red Skull who seduces some woman in a hot tub. Yeah. Also, Zola and Crossbones make appearances, as well. The book pretty much has everything including the greatest hero of all time, Quasar. Yep, Goldie-locks him self greets the pages of Captain America right along side Hercules.

I feel like I got this book in a 20 pack of books that you could buy at Costco, or some place like Costco, which sold a variety of Marvel and DC books packed together. Blaming all of my cheesy books on Costco seems like a good idea. You can get anything at Costco, why not bad Captain America books?

Okay, I know what you're thinking...can we get back to that dough? So the dough turns out to be a super villain crony of Professor Zola. His name is Dough Boy. I don't get it... Hold up! What I have just written is officially the most in depth analysis of Dough Boy ever written and all I mentioned was his name and that he knew Zola. I actually heard rumors that when Captain America was shot, Ed Brubaker considered having the shooter be Dough Boy. It makes sense. Captain America was always all up in his mix.

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