Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cable: Blood and Metal #1

Since this 1992 two issue solo mini series, Cable: Blood and Metal, Marvel has tried repeatedly to capture the early 90's popularity of the time traveling mutant, Cable. Cable originally appears in New Mutants as a time traveling soldier looking to take down the Mutant Liberation Front headed by his arch nemesis Stryfe. The seemingly experienced combat veteran Cable becomes the leader of the New Mutants and eventually the mutant group named X-Force. Though his character was a stand out in New Mutant and X-Force titles, Marvel, as it does with every character it owns (Wolverine, Deadpool, Spider-Man at name a few), tried capitalizing on his popularity by hammering him into fans pull-lists by giving him repeated solo titles.

Cable's first solo issue was Cable: Blood and Metal #1. It is the first part of a 2-part tale where Cable leads a group of soldiers named, Six Pack, to appose his arch-enemy's (Stryfe) ambitions to steal artifacts for some unknown reason. I believe this is the first time that Cable sees Stryfe's face and learns that they have the same face. Cable: Blood and Metal #1's cliffhanger! I guess it isn't a cliffhanger...more of a standard surprise half-way-point ending thingy. It was crazy at the time, okay!

Cable: Blood and Metal #1 is cool issue to have for Cable fans. It marks an important piece of information in the Cable story and contains a couple of Cable buddy/regulars such as Domino and Kane (Weapon X). While Domino has evolved over time, the character Kane has remain the same for some time now. It most stories I find him in he is non-stop emotion. Just an angry fighter. Why can't he be more like Mario and enjoy his adventures. Kane needs a smile and a mustache. Oh and overalls. 1 up!

The book also features a John Romita Jr. cover and interior pages. JR Jr. is one of those artists that most people either love or hate. I, however, am on the fence when it comes to his style. At times I find it quite boxy and filled with too many straight lines, yet at times he will surprise me with a beautiful layout of characters. In fact, I own a print by John Romita Jr. which I have framed to hang in my room. It includes many Spider-Man figures fighting many different classic Spider-Man villains. The piece has action, movement, and excitement drawn all over it. JR Jr. made it on a good day. Cable: Blood and Metal #1, the comic of the day, was made on a bad day.

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