Thursday, February 4, 2010

Avengers West Coast #102

In January of 1994, the 100 plus issue run of the secondary Avengers title, Avengers West Coast, ended. Stamped over the title was the word "Terminated," and the tag line on the issue declared that this issue marked "the Demise and Fall of the Avengers West Coast."

Avengers West Coast #102 is much like a stage production. It could be adapted into a scene on stage because the whole issue takes place in one place. Like the movie "Reservoir Dogs", the comic book is a dialog heavy performance. Captain America, the Vision and other regular Avengers meet with the West Coast squad represented by characters such as the U.S.A. Agent, the Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman and Iron Man. The originals make the case that the West Coast team should be disbanded because of their lack of mental strength, calm action under pressure, and overall lack of Avenger style discipline and character. When the decision falls on a vote the current leader of the team Iron Man casts the surprising decision to disband the group since they have lost the respect of their fellow allies, the main Avenger team.

Rather than become reserves for the main Avengers group, the West Coast Avengers all quit. At the end of the book Iron Man reveals that while they may not be an Avenger Team, they can still be a team on their own. This leads to the series and creation of Force Works: a new Marvel team created from the ashes of the Avengers West Coast.

The comic of the day starts out with the Vision declaring the team should disband. This is a twist to how the team started with the idea from the Vision that the Avengers team should expand. The series has important looks into the mind and actions of the Scarlet Witch. The Scarlet Witch's story in Avengers West Coast lead to the mental instability that later drives towards the event "House of M."

The Avengers West Coast began with a Roger Stern 4 issue mini series in 1984. I would recommend these older West Coast books to readers just so they can get a glimpse of Iron Man's horribly colored armor. The mid 80's were not good to Tony Stark.

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