Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Action Comics #662

When I was younger I used to get the Wizard magazine just for the price guide in the back of it. Back in the day Wizard included the price guide in every issue. The guide included many popular current and past comic book titles and was very handy for valuing ones books. More recently, Wizard has shyed away from using up pages in the back to relay the market value of comic books, but every once in a while the guide is listed.

Have you ever looked through the price guide and realized an issue you have is listed with a notation? This happened to me sometime ago. I noticed Action Comics #662, which I randomly have thanks to Costco (see yesterday's post), was marked as the first time Superman reveals himself to be Clark Kent, to Lois Lane. Granted the comic of the day is only valued at $4, but it still is cool to know a book I didn't even know I had is a noted part of Superman's history.

The cover is quite interesting. For some reason you can see Clark's reflection in the glasses' lenses. Also...come on! They are 662 issues into the first appearance of Superman and just now Lois is discovering that when Clark takes his glasses off he looks exactly like Superman? This is why guys avoid wearing glasses, if they can.

I myself wear glasses often, though I have contacts, because my eyes are sensitive after wearing the contacts. I usually need a few days to recover. But if I could, I would stick with contacts more often then not. I have this idea in my head that a man without glasses is much more manly and desirable than a man with glasses. I blame this on Superman and Clark Kent specifically. Not only have they shaped my subconsiouse, but they have shaped the minds of everyone with access to pop-culture around the world. Why couldn't Superman have the glasses and Clark Kent have the contacts? Thanks to Superman...I'm a nerd.

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