Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wolverine #79 (Vol. 2)

When its late on a Wednesday, and I have yet to nail down an issue to talk about, I fall back on Wolverine. Wolverine Wednesdays may appear from time to time. When a Wolverine titled book captures the attention of a post, it will most likely be a Wednesday.

This Wednesday I pulled the classic Wolverine #79 (vol. 2) from the box of "W's". The issue is memorable for the single page (and I guess cover for that matter) where Cyber snaps a set of Wolverine's claws off. At the time, Wolverine was recently without an adamantium skeleton because Magneto had ripped it out of him. Tough as Wolverine was, he still fought with his claws popped. When Cyber, an adamantium-skin baddie, notices Wolverine's lack of metal he stomps off a set of his claws with his foot. In an odd turn of events, the metal that had protected Wolverine's bones and body for so many years was fiercely used to break that which they covered.

The cover for this comic book says it all. Wolverine's broken claws on the ground in front of him laid in a pool of blood while wolverine could only snarl in agony and rage. While the particular story in Wolverine #79 is not memorable, they stories as a whole surrounding Wolverine's adamantium loss had their layers of intrigue. I like the idea of, "what does a feral beast do when that which has been his great source of power and weaponry has been taken from him?" I liked the thought that Wolverine would not lose his intensity along with his metal. Who he is is deeper than bone.

Looking back at Wolverine #79, I remember feeling like this was a "death of" issue. The adamantium and Logan's claws were so much a part of who Wolverine was that when the metal left and his claws broke it was as if Wolverine himself was gone. Wolverine #79 is the comic of the day because it provided a very defining moment in my Wolverine history which I still think about today.

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