Monday, January 4, 2010

The Walking Dead: Book 1

Becoming our first collection, today's comic of the day is The Walking Dead: Book 1. Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore began their run on this post apocalyptic zombie survivors tale (that ol' chestnut) back in 2003. Published through Image Comics, the story of a group of people trying to get by in a zombie infested world is brilliantly told and appropriately black and white. The lack of color brings a feel of nothingness, or lack of hope, to the book that only ads to it's horror.

The Walking Dead: Book 1 collects the first two story arcs and comes in a large scale hardcover. The HC includes the first 12 issues, which if purchased individually are quite expensive (especially the first issue). The hardcover collections make for suspenseful reading in big zombie biting baby chunks.

The Walking Dead: Book 1 is the perfect gift sure to spark anyone to fill out their book-shelves with Kirkman's continuing stories of survival horror.

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Anonymous said...

A definite favorite!