Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stumptown #2

Two months and two days later the follow up issue to Greg Rucka's new series Stumptown finally hit comic shops. The comic of the day Stumptown #2, is Rucka's Oni Press book which follows the strong woman presence of Dex, a private investigator, on her continued search for a missing person.

Rucka's P.I. story isn't necessarily a new story, but it reads with a certain tempo that makes the reader anticipate every next scene and page. In Stumptown #2, Dex is still trying to figure out the who, why, and where, but we learn a little bit more about her personal life, as well. New characters are introduced. We meet friends. We meet enemies. Stumptown #2 progresses the story and the interesting world of Stumptown.

Rucka's artistic partner, Matthew Southworth, does an excellent jump of harnessing the feel of a P.I. book with a believable and gritty lead character. She is drawn attractively, but not over the top. She has a modest shape, disheveled hair, and, in this issue, she walks around with a shiner which makes her face appear a little messed up. She feels tough enough to be a private investigator, and still retains her feminine appeal.

To not touch on Lee Loughridge's coloring would be a crime. Loughridge uses a very limited color pallet which include dulled tones. The lack of bursting color keeps the city feeling mysteriouse yet familour: like an old town you've driven through many times, but never actualy got out of the car. The art for this book only adds to Rucka's superior writing. Rucka's team puts out an excellent if I can only get the next one quicker.

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