Sunday, January 10, 2010


In 1994, comic book elites Frank Miller and Todd McFarlane combined talents and companies to create a memorable one shot titled: Spawn/Batman. The comic book was released through Image Comics but it included DC's Batman.

The story itself is not important. The Frank Miller name alone is what drives this title's words, not an ingenious short story. Miller had already written classics such as: The Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Electra Lives Again, and Sin City. This issue wasn't meant to push Miller's status; but rather, it was used to increase sales. Though, I do enjoy the dialog between Spawn and Batman during their battle.

Handling the illustrations on Spawn/Batman is the most popular artist of the late 80's and early 90's: Todd McFarlane. McFarlane had made his name over at Marvel with runs on The Amazing Spider-man, Spider-man, and the Incredible Hulk. In 1994 he was the main name at Image Comics carrying the Image name on the back of his creator-owned ongoing series Spawn. On Spawn/Batman his art is as always: filled with a great sense of movement and capetastic characters. Let's face it...when it comes to drawing Spawn and Batman, you better be pumped for plenty of cape.

It does seem more important for an artist to always be on his or her game as opposed to a writer. If a browser is unsure if they should get an issue and just flip through a book, the art is going to be the selling point. While McFarlan shines in this one-shot, Miller doesn't necessarily hurt his status. Miller is put into a situation where there isn't much room for a story. The book is a cross-publisher single issue designed for promotional purposes (increase sales). There is only so much Miller could have done.

Overall the book is a nice issue to own and even go back and enjoy from time to time, but it is the comic of the day because of the that last frame in the story: a batarang thrown in between the eyes of a smiling Spawn.

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