Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reed Gunther #2

The comic of the day description comes straight from the Reed Gunther website:
"Reed Gunther is a goofy and exciting, all ages comic book, independently created and produced by brothers Shane and Chris Houghton."
 The best thing about indie books is that there are usually no ads and you often get more pages for your money. Reed Gunther reads very quick. Not for lack of words, but rather the pace of the book is kept lively due to the movement of story and whimsical artwork. Shane Houghton's character's expressions such as "Biscuits and Gravy!", "Curdled Milk!", and "Talluca Lake!" add to the fun western atmosphere created by the brothers. Plus, Chris Houghton's characters and settings match the story tone perfectly. The old prospector like character with a horn to his ear is a great example of the caricatures Chris designs to convey a playful wild west.

If you are looking for a nice change of pace book that has a wholesome child-like feel to it...this may be your book.

Plus, Reed Gunther, the cowboy, has a bear sidekick. Did I mention that?

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Shane Houghton said...

Hey Dom! Thanks for reviewing our book and including it in your 365 Days project! I feel honored to be among such fantastic titles that you've been enjoying.

If you feel up to continuing the story, I'll be at the Comic Bug this Wednesday (Jan 20th) from 6-8PM for the release of issue 3! I promise I won't spill ink all over the new issue... ;)

Thanks, Shane