Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Official Index to the Marvel Universe #1


This book is a classic example of Marvel pushing out a book just so fan-boys with dreams of owning classic old comic books will purchase. Just another way for Marvel to make money. The content has already been created. Marvel simply copy-pastes everything together and ships it out. The profit margin on this book has to be high. This makes it worth Marvel's time. Some nostalgic comic nerd will pick this issue up...I did.

I actually like owning this book because it lays out the key beginnings to classic Marvel characters: Spider-man, the X-Men, and Iron Man. I think the old covers are especially interesting because so many artists create works based on these early iconic images. When characters on another modern book use the poses or style it brings the reader back to a time of simple, straight forward, story-telling times.

This particular issue, Official Index to the Marvel Universe #1, is also quite relevant to the times because these characters make up Marvel's most popular movie lines right now. These characters are possibly at their peak of pop-culture popularity through television, comics, and movies. Giving this issue to a non comic fan, who enjoys the movies, may give them a sense of the characters meager beginnings. I use the sister test on it. Would my sister like it? My sister would like it. Bingo!

Official Index to the Marvel Universe #1 is the comic of the day because it collects the comics of back in the day.

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