Friday, January 1, 2010

Marvel 2010 Calender

Coincidentally, the first comic of the day isn't even a comic book: it's a Calender. On Wednesdays comic book publishers release their new comic books of the week; however, last Wednesday (Dec. 30th...2009) the major publishers did not release a full array of books. DC released one issue (Blackest Night #6) and Marvel released a free Siege preview issue and a free Marvel 2010 calendar with art by Marko Djurdjevic.

The Marvel 2010 calander has the demensions of a normal size comic book, and thus, can be stored in a bag'n board for collecting. Personally, I grabbed several to collect, use, and hand out to friends. The appeal of the calender is not that it is free, but rather the art the calendar contains.

Djurdjevic is Marvel's James Jean. He is their go to guy for standout exclusive covers. His work can be summed up in his covers for Ghost Rider. Ghost rider is a tough character to draw realistically because, well...he's a head-on-fire skeleton riding a motorcycle (which is also on fire). The way Djurdjevic wields the flames on a ridiculous character makes one feel the warmth of his art.

Though ol' flame head isn't in the calender, the collection of characters is still stunning. My favorite months are April, featuring The Thing, and May's Iron Man.

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