Monday, January 18, 2010

The Invinsible Iron Man #22

Where as yesterday's comic of the day was in honor of my new HDTV, today's comic of the day is in honor of my new HDTV which came broken (it had a faint black bar across the screen). The Invincible Iron Man #22 seems to fit my situation because the current story is titled "Start: Disassembled." After setting my HDTV up I had to disassemble it, jigsaw it back into the box and get it replaced. Unlike the comic; however, it was not a pleasant experience.

The Invincible Iron Man has been a good comic book from issue one to the current issue #22. It reads well and includes characters that are both important to the main Marvel continuity and have a lot of history with readers. Unfortunately, issue #22 is the "Two Towers" of the current arch. Not much happens, but it is still entertaining. Tony is still unconscious and a threat to him, while Tony is out of commission, is becoming for evident. This story line feels like an excuse to bring in the classic Marvel players as guests to boost sales. First they brought Thor by, then Captain America, and now Doctor Strange. They are all trying to bring Tony back from a life stuck in his own head and memories. I think if anything significant happens to Tony Stark, like him waking up, it will happen in the Siege mini series.

The variant covers Marvel is releasing are nice. You can pick the style of cover you care for most. Some readers may want to grab both, but for others you have an option between styles. Art deco (Salvador Larroca) or straight forward (Rian Hughes).

Matt Fraction has put together a book that is very strong in dialog and story, but untill Siege and this storyline is over he may not have a ton of freedom to write a story he has complete control over. This is a title I will continue to pick-up but I have a feeling I may like it more come issue #25.

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