Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hawk & Dove #9 (Vol. 3 - 1990)

In honor of me getting my first ever HDTV, I have chosen Hawk & Dove #9 as my comic of the day. This particular issue is one of those issues comic collectors have because it came in a bin or box they bough, not knowing what exactly came in it. To be honest, I do not have many DC (non-Vertigo) titles and Hawk & Dove is a great example of why.

Hawk and Dove are characters that combine together, as a team/duo, to make one well rounded force. Hawk, like the bird, is strong, fast, and aggressive. Hank Hall, a.k.a. Hawk, is a bit egocentric. At one point in issue #9 Hawk and Dove are watching for the Flash/Superman race which is supposed to pass by them. Hank wants Superman to win because "at least he's American". The line gives you a sense of where Hawk's mindset is at.

Dove is the opposite of everything Hawk represents. She is thoughtful, intelligent, and very fluid in battle. She is the yin to Hawk's yang. Dawn (Dove) is reserved and practical. Often times when in battles the reason the duo wins is because Dove figures out a way to stop the villain. Its like figuring out the pattern of attacking the stage boss in a video game: you can try to just use brute force, but there is usually a trick to defeating the enemy. Dove beats games. Hawk breaks the buttons on your remote.

Hawk & Dove may be a Steve Ditko creation, but they seem corny and irrelevant. To some extent, Cloak and Dagger may be a partial knock-off of this pairing, but beyond Hawk & Dove's influence years ago they just do not seem very compelling. With that said, I believe they have been reinvented. They may be cooler now. Maybe...

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