Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dark Avengers Annual #1

This first Dark Avengers Annual installment has Brian Bendis bringing a powerful character back into the Marvel main stream...again. Marvel Boy, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, is written back into the ongoing Dark Avengers series after running off early on in the Dark Avengers run. The issue explores Marvel Boy's path and what his personal mission on earth is. Mixed in is a mini battle with The Sentry which gives readers a glimpse into what Marvel Boy is capable of. In the end, we see a transition from a lost alien Marvel Boy into a guided Marvel Man...we'll just stick with the title Captain Marvel since the name Marvel Man is already taken.

Dark Avengers Annual #1 is brought to life by superstar artist Chris Bachalo. The movement and power can be felt in his action sequences and panels. Plus Bachalo, not being the main artist for Dark Avengers, brings an alien style to the book which fits perfectly with the alien outsider Captain Marvel. Not to mention Captain Marvel's slick costume redesign is displayed perfectly by Bachalo near the closing page.

Released in December of 2009, Dark Avengers Annual #1 is the comic of the day because Bendis and Bachalo created a comic book that reads with energy and has the imagery to match.

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