Friday, January 22, 2010

Captain America #602

It is about time.

The Captain America ongoing title has been temporarily on hiatus for the last few months due to the Captain America Reborn mini series which had been using the title's characters. The ongoing had been, and is currently, following the Winter Soldier, a.k.a. Bucky Barnes, as he carries on the mantel of Steve Rogers as Captain America.

In the 25 plus issue run of Barnes as Cap, the series has been consistently one of the top Marvel monthlies. Exploring the conspiracy around the shooting of Steve Rogers, watching Barnes trying to fill the boots of the greatest Marvel hero, and understanding Barnes' state of mind while dealing with the pressures involved in being the current Captain America make Cap's ongoing a must pull on any list.

To non comic book shop regulars, a pull list is a list of monthly issues you direct the comic shop to set aside for you, so that if it gets sold out quickly you will still get a copy. Personally, I do not have a pull list because I think it is rude to the people who come in every new comic day and take their respected time to make a visit to the shop. It's like a form of controlled cutting. Like the fast pass at Disneyland. I could write all night about that bull...

Back to Captain America #602...this issue is almost perfect. I say almost because it includes a story featuring the new girl Nomad...boring. Now back to the main story! It picks right back up where it left off in regards to following the new adventures of the new Cap. It even brings back Steve Roger's knock off 50's Cap from previous new Captain America adventures. I really enjoy the current political issues which are tied into the Cap books. In this issue the book touches on themes in which middle America latches onto: misinformed following, bigotry towards non white people, and a strong sense of national pride (though misguided).

The direction writer Ed Brubaker is taking this story arch is pretty exciting. A show down and meeting of 50's Cap and the new Cap will be quite a show. The anticipation of these characters participating in a round 2 makes Captain America #602 the comic of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Resurrected again, that guy just won't die!