Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #618

I've decided to go ahead and dedicate every Sunday to my favorite comic book character, Spider-Man. It only makes spider sense: The Amazing Spider-Man comes out thrice a week and my back bins are packed with many different Spidey titles. So without further adieu (besides this sentence furthering the...adieu?) let's get into our first Spider-Man Sunday!

Spider-Man Sunday - The Amazing Spider-Man #618

Where do these endless mobsters come from? With times being tough, I guess it is easy to recruit uneducated, out of work, men in New York. Good thing too, since they are killed in almost every frame in the first half of this issue.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #618 a new mini story arch begins involving the crime the Maggia crime family. The tale begins with a montage depiction of powerful members, with in the Maggia family, being killed by bullet, by explosion and by worse. Sensing the growing weakness of the Maggia family, Mr. Negative and his newly established crime organization attack the Maggia's and kill kill kill until the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man shows up to break up the shiney sword skirmish.

As the story unfolds we discover that the Maggia killings may not be killings at all. Diseption is a foot as it always is when Mysterio is on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #618. Ol' bubble-head makes his appearance as the issue begins to wrap up. Mysterio is drawn just as goofy as ever by the excellent change of pace artist Marcos Martin.

Martin's style of simplistic 50's artistry works well with the issue because it has a "creature features" feel to it. The old hokey 50's monster films ("The Creature From the Black Lagoon", "Godzilla", etc.) had a awkwardly fake and cheesy feel to it, much like the weird Mysterio character created by Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. Martin's style reminds me of that ear of Ditko art a lot.

Marcos Martin is also aided by the wonderfully off beat and muted tones of colorist Javier Rodriguez. His shades of reds are especially beautiful and fitting for Martin's style.

The Amazing Spider-Man #618 is the comic of the day because it is Sunday, and it is the most current web-head book on the market. I also thoroughly enjoyed the horrible pun (Dan Slott writes) by Mysterio when he is first revealed to the reader. His real name is Quentin Beck. This is helpful information when understanding why Mysterio corrects a mobster who introduces him as "Mysterio" with the line, " me Mr. Beck. As in 'Beck' from the grave."

I love bad puns.

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