Monday, January 11, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #361

In this first full appearance of Carnage in Amazing Spider-man #361, Mark Bagley cements himself a position in my heart. His art version of Spider-man in the mid 90's (which is different than his current version as in Ultimate Spider-man) is so clean and crisp. Bagley creates muscular characters to give the art a comic feel, but not over the top and cartoony. His Carnage is not over the top when it comes to the amount of symbiot that comes off of his body. In the cover, Carnage secures Spider-man and visually expresses pleasure and a sense of evil. The similar appearance between Carnage and Spider-man lets the reader know that when all things are equal, Carnage can handle Spider-man easily...and that is terrifying for Spider-man.

This is my favorite cover of all time, not only because of the art, but also for the feeling of love it invokes. When I first bought this issue i was a kid and enjoyed comics for the simple amazing super-hero stories they are. This is the era of comic books that hooked me (early to mid 90's).

Amazing Spider-man #361 is the comic of the day today, and everyday in my heart. (Why don't I marry it already!?)


Anonymous said...

Seriously...just marry it and give it a diamond and go on a honeymoon with it!

Dom said...

That's what the issue kept saying to me. It was fine with just sleeping together for a while, but now it wants to hang out, see movies like "It's Complicated", and have wine parties with our friends. To tell you the truth, the issue is really crowding me. I need my space, and that is why I am posting a new comic of the day tomorrow. Maybe that way it will get the message.

Amazing Spider-man #361...I love you, but I'm not IN love with you.