Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome One! Welcome All 365!

Starting tomorrow, January 1st, 2010, "365 Days of Comics" will post a comic a day! The posts will cover many different publishers and titles. You will see many Marvel books, but there will also be DC, Image, Darkhorse, Omni Press, and many other types of comics. Some days the post will involve an issue from the past which is very important to the current comic culture. Other days posts will be current books which have just been released. Other types of posts will include:
  • comics based on the art
  • comics based on the story
  • comics based on the cover
  • comics I hate
  • comic collections (hardcovers and trades)
  • misc comic release (free giveaways at comic shops)
Regardless of the type of post which is the comic of the day, they will be daily. A post a day for 365 days...or until I get drunk one night and forget my post. So I hope to see you tomorrow for the first comic of the day post, and happy New Year to everyone!

- Dom